Sunday, 3 October 2010

Chaos and Outtakes in the Backyard

Hey guys, we're jumping five years back in time for these recordings, these are some songs that didn't made it to Paul McCartney's 2005 album Chaos and Creation in the Backyard.

We have seven tracks in here, and they are as follows:
Comfort Of Love
We Were Growing
She Is So Beautiful
Good Taste (The Summer of '59)
I Wanna Be You
This Loving Game

To talk a bit about the tracks, Comfort Of Love, We Were Growing and Good Taste are a bit like McCartney looking back on what it is/was like to be young. Good Taste describes the style, the people and the feeling of the summer of '59. Comfort Of Love is a song which tells us the story of a materialistic guy, perhaps himself, who seems to think that all he needs is a car, a house and so on, but in the end he learns that he needs the comfort of love.

I Wanna Be You is a song which starts with some psychedelic elements, in a slow tempo, the tempo is increased a ends up in some kind of big finale. Really cool song.

What I really like, and what really impresses me, about these songs is how they actually fit the style and sound of the Chaos and Creation in the Backyard album. So have fun with that one.

On a related note, if you like the Chaos and Creation album, then you should check out Chaos and Creation at Abbey Road. It is an intimate concert in the Studio 2 of Abbey Road, where most of The Beatles' songs were recorded, the concert includes Paul talking about Beatles stuff and his music in general.
If you haven't already seen it, check it out on Youtube, click here for part 1.

Now for the Chaos and Creation out-takes:




  1. sucks that they had to bid against michael jackson for their songs and lost...

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