Thursday, 4 November 2010

I'm proud

Hello guys, today I want to share a story from my life. My brother plays bass in the local schools musical band and this year's musical is Across The Universe, which for those who don't know, contains like 20 or so Beatles songs.
So as I was driving him to the rehearsal night, I was just telling him about some stuff which could be cool to do. I suggested that they could start Harrison's Something with the ukulele, as he mentioned some dude in the band had a uke. After that I suggested that they should end the whole show with Sgt Pepper Reprise/The End (as seen in McCartney's live shows) or just The End.
Both of these fine suggestions were turned down with a simple "I don't think so, my friend".

Fast forward two hours, I'm just chilling, reading Brave New World as my brother comes home and tells me how he had told the music teacher both of these ideas and the teacher had found both ideas "pretty cool and fun"
Well bro, guess that's why I have a beatles blog and you don't. :)



  1. Haha. Always good to get the victory over a sibling.

  2. Haha nice. +1 for you.

    Brave New World is also a +1
    great book :)

  3. big brother always share good ideas with little bro

  4. Brave New World is a better prediction of how our world will become in my opinion. (The other famous prediction was made by 1984).

    I also hope you rubbed it in your brother's face. I would have.

  5. Nice! Post a video of the band playing the Beatles if it all works out. That would be sweet to see on a ukulele

  6. yes, you must defeat your brother

  7. damn siblings think they know it all.

    it's always good to get recognition for a good idea