Monday, 27 September 2010

Acoustic submarine - Bootleg album of greatest hits caliber

Today we're checking out a great bootleg album called The Acoustic Submarine. It is a set of unreleased outtakes from some of the Beatles biggest hits, from 1964-1969. You can look at it a is an addition to the official Anthology discs. Some of theses takes are, in my opinion, even better than the official releases :)

I managed to find some album art related to this album at BootlegZone, and these will be uploaded as well. The picture above seems to be the two options for the cover, as you can fold it on the middle.
I really enjoy hearing these less studio-filled recordings, a little more raw, but still in great audio quality. So it combines the best of two worlds: the raw sound of bootleg recordings and the good audio quality of, I guess, official recordings.

The tracks are spread out on two discs, and the track-list is as following:

Disc 1

01 Do You Want to Know a Secret
02 And I Love Her
03 I'm a Loser
04 Help!
05 Yesterday
06 yes It Is
07 Norwegian Wood
08 I'm Looking Through You
09 We Can Work It Out
10 I'm Only Sleeping
11 Yellow Submarine
12 A Day in the Life
13 The Fool on the Hill
14 Christmas Time is Here Again
15 The Happy Rishikesh Song
16 Jubilee
17 Child of Nature
18 Goodbye
19 Everyone Had a Hard Year
20 What's the New May Jane

Disc 2

21 Heather
22 Back in the USSR
23 Dear Prudence
24 Ob-la-di Ob-la-da
25 While My Guitar Gently Weeps
26 Blackbird
27 Rocky Raccoon
28 Julia
29 Mother Nature's Son
30 Hey Jude
31 Because
32 I Lost My Little Girl
33 Teddy Boy
34 Mama, You've Been on My Mind
35 For You Blue
36 Two of Us
37 Across the Universe
38 I Me Mine
39 Maggie Mae

Note: the file I found has a little messed up part, as the three first tracks of disc 1 aren't the ones listed there, but the rest is right.

Download link Acoustic Submarine:

Have fun with these great tracks.


  1. The great thing about the Beatles is that they sound pretty much the same live. They were all so talented. Loved the submarine acoustic! Very pretty.

  2. Nice post dude.
    Love the song Across The Universe.

  3. very nice share here, i thank you :)

  4. My gf loves the beatles. wears their tshirt she has everywhere. i cant say ive really listened to them though, besides whats on the radio

  5. Think it's safe to say that the Beatles was one of the best bands ever.

  6. imho 11 Yellow Submarine is the best =)

  7. nobody makes music like that anymore.

    its sad.

    music nowadays is all crappy mainstream shit

  8. thank you for another great beatles link :)

  9. awesome always coming up with great stuff

  10. Acoustic submarine is totally great! Thanks. So gonna cover some of those songs. Blackbird! :D

  11. Ah, downloading now. Btw, what was the pw to our irc?

  12. Thanks man, another great addition to my collection! :)

  13. I'm a massive Beatles fan, but had never heard of this. Definitely going to download it now ;)

  14. interesting, i know a girl who has beatles sunday mornings. all she plays is the beatles. she'll love this stuff, thanks

  15. Thanks man, love me some beatles