Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Revolution: Take... your knickers off! Including Revolution 1 take 20

Hello guys, today we're looking at a bootleg album which got a lot of attention when it surfaced around a year ago, in 2009. It is the bootleg album Revolution: Take... Your knickers off, the title is a quote from Lennon on the first track of the album.

The most significant track on this album is Revolution 1 take 20, now let's take a little look at the Revolution song before we carry on.

We have three distinct songs here, two are very alike:
Revolution: This is the hard-rock song with two very distortion-sounded guitars, it was released on the B-side of the "Hey Jude" single, in late August 1968.

Revolution 1: Is the more blues-styled version of Revolution, this piece was featured on The White Album, which was released in November 1968.
Splitting of Revolution 1 (take 20) and Revolution 9: The first minutes of Revolution 1 take 20 is pretty much the same as the one released on The White Album, even though it lacks the electric guitar and horn overdubs of the final version, and adds a distorted siren-like tone that is faded in and out at various times throughout the song. 

Beyond the point where the album version fades out, the basic instrumental backing keeps repeating while the vocals and overdubs become increasingly chaotic, including distorted screams from Lennon, feedback, and sound effects. Paul McCartney and Harrison repeatedly sing "Dada, Mama" in a childlike register. As the music concludes, Ono quietly says "maybe... it's not that" followed by Harrison emphatically stating "It is that!" Lennon then mumbles "Gonna be alright" a few times, and Ono's prose is heard among other sounds during the final portion.

Lennon soon decided to split the song into two parts, the Beatles styled Revolution 1 and a psychedelic avant-garde sound collage, Revolution 9. Lennon used the last six minutes of Revolution 1 take 20 as his starting point and added numerous sound effects, overdubs and whatnot, ending with the Revolution 9 we have on The White Album.
To make a long story short, Revolution 1 take 20 is some sort of bridge between Revolution 1 and 9.

Anyway, take your knickers off and let's go! There are a lot more stuff on these albums, here's the track list:

Disc one holds an early take of the Revolution single version, Julia, Across the Universe and Dear Prudence. And features quite a few takes of Step Inside Love.

Step Inside Love is a song written by Paul McCartney (credited as "Lennon/McCartney") for Cilla Black in 1967 as a theme for her TV series Cilla, which first aired in the beginning of 1968. Her version was released as a single on 8 March 1968. It reached number eight in the British charts. The recording was also featured on Black's third solo studio album Sher-oo!

As for Come And Get It. The original demo of Come were completely done by Paul, these are the Badfinger sessions for the recording of their version of Come And Get It. And maybe, we’re not sure, this is the first time it’s revealed that Paul was in the studio with Badfinger “directing” the sessions, which explains why Badfinger’s version is identical to Paul’s.

No Escaping Your Love is an Iveys/Badfinger song, being sung by Tommy Evans

Some of these tracks are pretty interesting, but if you aren't a huge Beatles fan, then I guess you could skip this download, or just stick to the first disc. However, I highly recommend that you check these recordings out. 


Disc 2: http://www.mediafire.com/?k794bq4q4rkxd1m



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